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World Vision works to improve child well-being and to serve people around the world regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity. Poverty is a complex problem, and World Vision seeks to address its root causes in a holistic way by focusing its efforts on three main areas.
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Does humanitarian aid actually work? How can we end global poverty? What are World Vision's distinctive qualities? These are big questions for a little girl, but Serena's pretty sharp. She tackles the topic with class, and a little help from a pretty cool chalkboard!

Join us by sponsoring a child today:  http://bit.ly/SponsorachildYT

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World Vision has launched an emergency response to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan—possibly the strongest storm in recorded history—after it slammed the Philippines. An estimated 11.8 million people are affected, including 4.7 million children. Thousands are dead and millions more need emergency assistance. World Vision is rushing to meet the most urgent needs of food, clean water, and emergency shelter for millions of people."...their livelihood was also interrupted, so they're really, really, really thankful for World Vision for giving them the aid..."

Help Mothers like Janet today:  http://donate.worldvision.org/product...
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"What can I say? I feel very sad when I think about where I came from and where I am now." -Hamze, age 14

Donate to the Syrian Refugee Crisis today: http://donate.worldvision.org/product//2035030?campaign=10892975
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Diapers can be a great expense, especially for struggling families. But thanks to the diaper drives launched by World Vision and Weyerhaeuser, some american families were provided with free diapers.
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Watch and see how a micro loan changed Lemma's life! Learn more about World Vision Micro:  http://worldvisionmicro.org/
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Meet Rony and see how he's giving back to his community!

Support programs like the one Rony benefited from by sponsoring a child today:   http://www.worldvision.org/m/sponsor-a-child/?open&campaign=10892975
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Schools are important but mothers also play a critical role in educating children.

Jason from Costa Rica asked his mother what was the most important part of getting an education... and her response is one we think all parents will be able to relate to.

On Mothers' Day, thank all the mothers in your life for their amazing gifts, and help mothers around the world provide for their kids like Jason: http://donate.worldvision.org/sponsor-child/worldwide/?CST=ALL&sponRes=Y&campaign=20702931
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Learn more about how bed nets can protect an entire family from malaria:   http://donate.worldvision.org/product//1896343?campaign=10892975
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Through World Vision's economic development programs, this family has moved out of their mud hut and into a brick home with a metal roof.

Learn more about World Vision:   http://www.worldvision.org
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