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PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival
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Youth from around the world are invited to participate in the PLURAL+ Video Festival on the themes of migration, diversity, and social inclusion. The festival is a joint initiative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in partnership with many important international agencies.

PLURAL + aims to empower young people to speak about what they think of migration and diversity and be heard by others all over the world.

An international jury which includes youth representatives, film critics and critically acclaimed filmmakers. The winning videos will be awarded with a range of exciting prizes and receive professional opportunities in addition to international exposure through film festivals, conferences, broadcast, satellite, and internet.

For additional information, please contact: plural@unaoc.org
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Recognizing youth as powerful agents of social change in a world often characterized by intolerance, cultural and religious divisions, PLURAL+ supports youth in addressing the key challenges of their communities related to migration, diversity and social inclusion
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By Chris Royle, Roman MacParland and Zoe Gordon
PLURAL+ Turkish Cultural Center New York "Friendship Award"
Ontario's youth share the issues facing them and declare their belief in the power of dialogue and the celebration of diversity in creating a better world. They call on youth across Canada to get involved, for as they say, "we can make a difference."
Ajouté: 315 semaines, 2 jours
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 4691

By the Wafalme Crew
PLURAL+ Global Block Award
In this documentary, Kenyan children from the hip hop music group the Wafalme Crew talk about where they live and how they make their music. The group writes and sings about how to make Kenya a better place to live.
Ajouté: 315 semaines, 3 jours
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 4268

By Saila Huusko
PLURAL+ Anna Lindh Foundation Award
Belong is a documentary based on interviews with individuals who have recently moved to Helsinki, Finland. It stresses the importance of acceptance and diversity in the midst of strong prejudices.
Ajouté: 315 semaines, 4 jours
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 3996

By Oskar Tezak, Tina Fekonja, Vito Vidovic Bintchende
PLURAL+ Balkan Award
This story is about a girl who learns too late to appreciate her new classmate Samir, a Bosnian immigrant and victim of bullying. Upon finding Samir's painting hich hints that he committed suicide, she discusses with her friends the equality of people, regardless of wealth and class.
Ajouté: 315 semaines, 5 jours
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 4199

By Celine Offermans
PLURAL+ NexosAlianza, unesfuerzocolectivo Award
We Are All Foreigners depicts the story about a young boy who is left by his girlfriend for someone from a different country. The boy creates a racist group on Facebook where his friends react strongly against his racist feelings.
Ajouté: 315 semaines, 6 jours
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 3942

By Thanh Huynh and Phuong Anh Pham
Say Hi To Pencil! addresses the main problems of migration: integration and acceptance. It tells the story of a pencil moving into the pens' world. At first the pencil faces resentment from the native pens. In the end, the pens come to accept pencil and help him adapt to his new life.
Ajouté: 316 semaines, 2 heures
Par: Plural_Plus_Video_Festival_2011
Vu: 4147

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