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Our Mission: Creating Partnerships With Impoverished Bolivian Communities that Improve Health and Increase Economic Well-Being.

Notre mission: création de partenariats avec les communautés pauvres de la Bolivie qui améliorent la santé et de l'augmentation Economic Well-Being.
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Mano a Mano completed a new water reservoir in Wirkini, Bolivia in October 2016, and the residents are excited for the possibilities that it brings to help them improve their yields, plant more crops, and ultimately improve their lives.

The Wirkini project joins Mano a Mano's 8 other large-scale water retention projects that benefit 131,062 people throughout Bolivia (51,062 directly). Our first water reservoir was built in Ucuchi, Bolivia in 2005 (this reservoir is the other project featured in the video) and has been consistently providing water to the community for more than a decade, even in times of drought like Bolivia is currently experiencing. We are expecting the Wirkini reservoir to work as well as the Ucuchi reservoir, for many years to come.

Each of these projects is a huge effort, involving the community, their municipal government, our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo, and many other supporters. Without the commitment of so many people, none of these projects would be possible!

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Mano a Mano International Partners hopes to build a water reservoir for the community of Sancayani, Bolivia.
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Mano a Mano International Partners builds a road to the remote, isolated village of El Palmar, Bolivia.
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En septembre 2009, Katherine Adams, la directrice du développement et des communications de GoodnessTV a rendu visite à Mano à Mano, une ONG bolivienne. Cette courte vidéo nous présente le magnifique travail de cet organisme dans ce pays.
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In september 2009, Katherine Adams, director of development and communications, for GoodnessTV, visited Mano a Mano in Bolivia. This short videos describes the wonderful work this NGO does in that country.
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Mano a Mano Bolivia's mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in South America's poorest nation. We do this by building and equipping clinics, schools, teacher housing and other infrastructure, and by delivering primary health care through our network of nearly 100 clinics.
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Community health project in Bolivia in the community of Villa Pereira. This is a small community of 1900 people in the municipality of Tapacari, Cochabamba department, about 210 km west of Cochabamba city. The residents are very poor and most of them make a subsistence living through agriculture and raising llamas.
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Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo constructs a new 86.9km road in Cotagaita, Bolivia.
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Photo slideshow of Mano a Mano's integrated community project in Omereque, Bolivia. Classrooms, Teacher housing and a maternity ward were built.
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Mano a Mano is being featured as part of the Heroes of Hope TV series, which produces documentaries about people and organizations that are making a difference in the world.
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