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Our Mission: Creating Partnerships With Impoverished Bolivian Communities that Improve Health and Increase Economic Well-Being.

Notre mission: création de partenariats avec les communautés pauvres de la Bolivie qui améliorent la santé et de l'augmentation Economic Well-Being.
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Mano a Mano completed a new water reservoir in Wirkini, Bolivia in October 2016, and the residents are excited for the possibilities that it brings to help them improve their yields, plant more crops, and ultimately improve their lives.

The Wirkini project joins Mano a Mano's 8 other large-scale water retention projects that benefit 131,062 people throughout Bolivia (51,062 directly). Our first water reservoir was built in Ucuchi, Bolivia in 2005 (this reservoir is the other project featured in the video) and has been consistently providing water to the community for more than a decade, even in times of drought like Bolivia is currently experiencing. We are expecting the Wirkini reservoir to work as well as the Ucuchi reservoir, for many years to come.

Each of these projects is a huge effort, involving the community, their municipal government, our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo, and many other supporters. Without the commitment of so many people, none of these projects would be possible!

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Mano a Mano Co-Founder Segundo Velasquez explains how Mano a Mano started and highlights a few recent projects that reflect the types of projects that Mano a Mano does to improve thousands of lives in Bolivia, with the help and support of volunteers in the US and Bolivia, local government, and the Bolivian communities themselves, working 'hand-in-hand.'

The video was made as part of a trip to Bolivia in 2012 for the Opus Prize, which Segundo Velasquez was a finalist for and received a $100,000 award!

+ information: t  http://manoamano.org/
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What began as a single suitcase of donated medical supplies from the US to Bolivia has now grown to a network of 139 (and counting) health clinics throughout the country. In this video, hear from some of the Bolivian doctors and nurses that work in Mano a Mano's clinics - the challenges, the long hours, their dedication - and see how these Bolivians are making a difference in their own communities.

Mano a Mano helps to get these projects completed and provides on-going assistance and programs, alongside critical support from the communities, their municipalities, and the Bolivian government.
+ information:  http://manoamano.org/about-us/our-model/
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On November 8, 2012, St. Kate's University hosted an awards ceremony for the Opus Prize, an annual $1 million award recognizing an unsung hero anywhere in the world whose leadership empowers people to transform their lives and communities. Mano a Mano co-founder Segundo Velasquez was a finalist for the award and received a $100,000 prize for Mano a Mano.

This video is Segundo's speech that he made at the Opus Prize ceremony, along with comments from St. Kate's students and faculty that traveled to Bolivia with Mano a Mano in the summer of 2012.
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In 2009 Mano a Mano built a school in the small community of Jatun Kasa, 11,000 feet above sea level in the Bolivian Andes. In 2012, 2 Mano a Mano volunteers returned to the project to talk with the teachers and community members about the project.

The Jatun Kasa school, as with all Mano a Mano projects, was a collaborative effort with the local community, local Bolivian government, and Mano a Mano staff and volunteers in both the US and Bolivia. Learn more about the Mano a Mano model for collaboration here:  http://manoamano.org/about-us/our-model/.
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Mano a Mano worked with the community of Sancayani, a rural Bolivian community high in the Andes mountains 14,000 feet above sea level, to build a water reservoir that can improve family nutrition and income for Bolivian farm families.
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Joey Temali, a Highland Park Middle School student from St. Paul, MN, traveled to Bolivia with his family in 2009. As part of the trip he visited a number of Mano a Mano projects.

The trip made a big impression on him.
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A racer was injured last week during the Dakar Rally in Peru. Mano a Mano provided Leonardo Martinez with an emergency flight from Lima, Peru to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to receive care.
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Mano a Mano just completed a water reservoir in Jusku Molle, Bolivia. The reservoir can hold 50,000 cubic meters of water and will provide 350 Bolivian families with sufficient water to irrigate their crops. For the six months of construction, between 4 and 10 community members volunteered for eight hours a day to help with the project. Here they were working on transporting cement to build a channel for water from a nearby river to the reservoir.
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Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo constructs a water reservoir in Laguna Sulty, Bolivia
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