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Mama Hope works in close partnership with local African organizations to connect them with the resources required to transform their own communities.
All our projects are managed for and by partner communities themselves to ensure sustainability. So far, we have achieved our mission by funding the completion of schools, health clinics, children’s centers, clean water systems and food security projects.
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View the story of Mama Hope, how the organization came to be, how much we have grown and what we are doing now.
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This is the first clip in a series of video's for Mama Hope's "Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential." campaign. To learn more about our campaign and see other amazing video's visit <a href="http://www.mamahope.org/Unlock-the-potential-.html" target="_blank">http://www.mamahope.org/Unlock-the-potential-.html</a>
Created by Whirled http://www.getwhirled.com
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This is the second video in Mama Hope's (http://www.mamahope.org) Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential Campaign. At Mama Hope, we believe that the essential first step in changing the world is telling the story of connection instead of contrast and potential instead of poverty. People everywhere have talent and capacity, and people everywhere share a desire to be able to use those gifts to improve their lives and the lives of the people they care about. To learn more about the projects we undertake to unlock this potential and get involved, visit us at ‪http://www.mamahope.org
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Wouldn't it be better if African men weren't always depicted as warlords or victims?

After viewing Mama Hope's video, "Alex Presents Commando," Gabriel, Benard, Brian and Derrik (the Kenyan men in this video) told us they wanted to make one that pokes fun at the way African men are portrayed in Hollywood films. They said, "If people believed only what they saw in movies, they would think we are all warlords who love violence." They, like Mama Hope, are tired of the over-sensationalized, one-dimensional depictions of African men and the white savior messaging that permeates our media. They wanted to tell their own stories instead, so we handed them the mic and they made this video.

Learn more at: http://www.mamahope.org

Written by Benard, Brian, Derrick, Gabriel and the Mama Hope Team

Directed and Edited by Joe Sabia

Executive Produced and Shot by Bryce Yukio Adolphson

Motion Graphics by Jason Chandra

Sound by Equal Sonics

Featuring the song "Up Up Up" by Givers

Original Music by Michael Thurber
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View the story of Mama Hope, how the organization came to be, how much we have grown and what we are doing now.
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Welcome to Yes to Hope from Mama Hope and the Yes to Seed Fund!

The Yes To Hope campaign aims to supplement the daily lunches of 10,000 children across Africa by the end of 2012 by providing schools with funding for year-round organic gardens. The first garden (which will also act as a training center for other schools) is Ngeya Primary School in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. This garden supplements the daily lunches of 1,800 students (for 30% of these students, this is the only meal they get a day.)

Each Yes To Hope school garden in Africa will be connected to a U.S. based Yes to Seed Fund school garden, where the students will be able to communicate via video chat and email. The goal of the program is to unite students from across the world to share in common experiences and to generate a sense of growth for the students on both sides of the globe. Our U.S. Yes to Hope school is Fruitvale Elementary and Learning for Life (&nbsp;http://www.learningforlife-sf.org).

The Yes to Hope campaign's long-term vision is to feed thousands of children through school gardens, while creating a global community of students working together for mutual learning, teaching, and understanding.

Join us, say Yes to Hope at &nbsp;http://www.mamahope.org

Produced/Shot/Edited by
Bryce Yukio Adolphson (&nbsp;http://bryceyukioadolphson.com/)

Directed by
Fruitvale Elementary/Learning for Life Garden Club
Ngeya Primary Environmental Club
Bryce Yukio Adolphson

Musical Production by
Lior Ben-Hur (&nbsp;http://www.soltevel.com/)

Motion Graphics by
Jason Chandra (&nbsp;http://www.jasonchandra.com/)
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