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GoodnessTv est une plateforme interactive de diffusion et de production unique qui met en valeur les actions de tous ceux qui changent le monde !
Une vitrine consacrée au contenu positif, axé sur des solutions et l’engagement social de personnes, d’organisations et de sociétés œuvrant dans tous les domaines de l’activité humaine. GoodnessTv vise à être un accélérateur de changement, un lieu de conversation et d’échanges visant principalement à susciter l’action.
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Child prodigies across the globe come together to Heal The World! MaatiBaani - a world music duo from India pays a tribute to the King Of Pop- an artist that has touched millions of hearts through his music! Happy Birthday Michael, We miss You.

We send our Love to each and every place in the world affected by violence with this endeavour because #LoveHeals.

Original Song Composer / Performer : Michael Jackson
Original Lyrics : Michael Jackson
Rap Lyrics : Sparsh Shah
Cover Produced by : Kartik Shah (Maati Baani )
Directed and Edited by : Kartik Shah
Mixed and Mastered by : Devang Rachh
Talent Co-ordinators - Aparna Ashok, Krupa Shah, Manish Shukla
Colorist - Swapnil Patole ( Famous Studios, Mumbai)

MaatiBaani is a world music duo ( Kartik and Nirali ) who collaborates frequently with artistes from different countries and cultures. More about the band

RAP ( written by Sparsh Shah "Purhythm")
Save this world so precious,
So blessed and so dear;
Protect it's beauty and splendor,
Don't let that disappear.
Preserve our animals and plants,
And humankind as well;
So that our future generations,
Can have a story to tell.
Protect us from evil,
And spread the word of good;
Of peace, love, justice,
Virtue and brotherhood.
'Cause we only have one Earth,
And we can't waste our motherland;
So let's move as one force,
I think it's time to take a stand!

Angelica H...
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Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, adresses a message to the young leaders of today!
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Yes, people are
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Oscar Mendez Building Homes for HOMELESS From Discarded Plastic
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Aquahacking accueil - en
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Aquahacking accueil - fr
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Sierra Leone has been devasted by war for many years, now peace is back.
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The RBC Blue Water Project is an innovative, multi-year, global commitment to help protect the world's most valuable natural resource: fresh water. It takes more than a financial company to protect something this precious. That's why we've committed $50 million in charitable grants to a network of organizations that foster a culture of water stewardship. Together, helping create a blue water future. 
+ info: www.facebook.com/rbcbluewaterproject
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Julio Diaz ends his daily subway commute one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner. One evening, his routine was broken when a teenage mugger took his wallet at knifepoint. But neither of them could have predicted what happened next.
Source: http://www.npr.org/2008/03/28/89164759/a-victim-treats-his-mugger-right
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