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Africa’s hottest recording artists have come together to support the 'Do Agric' campaign lead by One, an international organisation taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

Together, they have written and recorded the track ‘Cocoa na Chocolate’.
Their message is simple: agriculture in Africa has the potential to provide food, create jobs and boost economies, but African leaders need to invest now. The campaign also sets out to show young Africans that agriculture pays, and that farming can be cool.

The artists involved include D’Banj, Femi Kuti, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Judith Sephuma, Diamond and Omawumi.

Turn it up and get ready to move.
Loved it? Go on, play it again :)

For further details:  http://www.one.org/international/blog/video-cocoa-na-chocolate-19-top-african-artists-collaborate-for-one/?source=blogIntUK153704032014

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Le Green Guerilla ou Guerilla gardening est un mouvement d'origine américaine qui consiste a réinvestir et "végétaliser" l'espace urbain par des actions variées, comme la plantation sauvage, la culture dans des zones abandonnées, le tag à base de mousse ou encore le seed-bombing avec des "grenades de graines".
Le message porté a une dimension tant écologique que sociale (création d'espaces communautaires et d'échanges) et économique (questionnement de la notion de propriété privée).

Venez découvrir les projets menés de Paris à New-York en passant par Rio et Tokyo ! Vous aussi, devenez un Green Guerillero et reconquérez votre ville !

Pour plus d'informations :  http://green-guerilla.arte.tv/
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What makes Emily unique is that by age three her golden [brown] locks were long enough to be made into a wig for a child with cancer. As Emily states in the video, "just cut some off and give it to a kid".

What an incredible lesson to learn from a 3 year old, when we have lots of something - don't hold onto it, give it away to someone else who needs it more.
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Change Heroes is a social enterprise founded by Taylor Conroy after his life-changing visit in Kenya and Uganda in 2009.

The goal of this organization is to help individuals make the hugest impact possible, by connecting them to charities and the projects they want to support.

How it works :

33 of your friends give $3.33 (a latte) a day for 3 months
That adds up to $10,000
You fully fund a school for 1,000 children

1. Discover Your Village

Your friends' credit cards are charged once per month for 3 months. When the last payment is in, you'll receive the name of the village where your school will be built.

2. Follow the Progress

Once construction begins, we'll send you photos and website to track your school's progress; completion time will vary depending on factors like weather and workers.

3. See Your School

When it's done, you'll receive photos of your schoolhouse filled with smiling students thanking you for giving them a clean, safe place to learn!

4. Visit the Kids

These schools are built to last for decades and you can visit your school anytime. You can even help build it if you like.

For further details:  http://www.changeheroes.com
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Ecofolio est un organisme français dont l'objectif est d'optimiser le tri du papier. Afin de sensibiliser les parisiens aux multiples vies du papier et au recyclage, Ecofolio a collaboré avec l'agence Zim&Zou et l'agence June21 pour mettre en place une opération de print originale. Un phoenix en papier a été installé dans un abribus parisien, à proximité de l'opéra Garnier. Le choix de cet animal mythique est particulièrement symbolique : tout comme le concept du recyclage, le phoenix possède plusieurs vies, et comme on dit, il renaît toujours de ses cendres. Une opération pertinente et réussie visuellement.

Pour plus d'informations sur Ecofolio : http://www.ecofolio.fr/
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What do 3 tons of garbage look like?  If you are Angela Haseltine Pozzi, you turn this trash into sculptures that draw attention to the problem of plastic pollution. Unlike other artists that work with plastic beach debris, she doesn't cut everything up into tiny, beautiful pieces so you don't know where this plastic came from - you can see each piece of plastic for what it is - and you know that it was purchased by someone. A jelly fish made of discarded water bottles, a fish made of flip flops, coral made from styrofoam... you get the idea... Each one of us has a hand in creating the plastic pollution that affects every beach in the world.

For more details:  http://www.washedashore.org
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A defining moment on the streets of Siem Reap leads a Singaporean piano teacher to move to Cambodia to give children hot lunches and start a soup kitchen in her own house.

“Food is just a means of getting closer to people.” Watching a child rummage in the garbage to drink melted ice from a discarded plastic sack spurred Mavis Ching to do something.

Touch A Life prepares lunches for local kids and Saturday deliveries to their families in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Mother Teresa said: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” Touch A Life agrees, and uses a meal as a happy and practical way to reach out to give hugs and attention to over 150 hungry kids and their families.

For further details:  http://www.touchalife.org.my/
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