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Save the Children fights for children's rights. We deliver immediate and lasting improvements to children's lives worldwide.


A video depicting that there does not have to be a first time for everything!
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Children living in conflict in Colombia need security, protection and a sense of normalcy.  Rewrite the Future is providing access to a higher quality educat...
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 Two years ago Save the Children launched our first global campaign, Rewrite the Future.

Today, 37 million children are missing
out on school in countries affected by armed conflict more than half of all the children out of school worldwide.

Save the Children launched Rewrite the Future to open peoples eyes to the needs and rights of children living with the effects of war and conflict.

To make a direct difference to 8 million children's lives by improving their quality of education getting 3 million of these children into school who weren't before.

To persuade governments and international organisations to mobilise resources and provide education themselves.

Two years on this film shows the impact Rewrite the Future has had on children's lives. And what more can be done if we join together and take action.
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A video depicting that there does not have to be a first time for everything!
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Community Case Workers assess children's health situation and provide advice.  This video was unexpectedly captured when a camera crew was visiting a clinic....
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Le Sommet du Millénaire de Montréal a reçu M. Kielburger en 2009. Candidat au prix Nobel de la paix et fondateur de Free the Children, Craig Kielburger a offert un témoignage très inspirant. Voici un extrait de son passage au Sommet. 

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When was the last time someone you knew had worms?  In poor countries around the world, contracting worms is a risk faced daily by many children. See how Save the Children is helping children in Nepal stay healthy and stay in school by providing de-worming medicines and iron to keep kids healthy.

Narrated by Save the Children's Seung Lee, director of School Health and Nutrition.

Save the Children Asks: Do You Know Your Dirty Words? More at: http://bit.ly/cbhu08
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Direct from Mozambique, Africa: Mario Mabede of Save the Children says subsidies meant to calm recent food price protests are not what's needed to effectively address widespread hunger in his country.

Mario points to 3 strategies that will build up the rural poor and in doing, will build up the whole country:

1) Teach improved skills in farming

2) Facilitate better access to markets

3) Share information on how to prepare nutritious food for their families & how to protect them from disease.

Background: In September, rises in the price of bread and fuel set off protests in the cities of Mozambique. Headlines evoked memories of the global wave of food protests during the food price crisis of 2007-08. Now, concerns over corn prices are making news. But debate over food prices too often misses an important point--the world must invest in the poor and vulnerable in order to reduce global hunger.

Fighting child hunger: What works? October 16, 2010 was World Hunger Day. It is a yearly worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger. Learn more about what can be done to fight the child hunger crisis at: http://bit.ly/b3c041
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What happens when funeral associations transform their mission and focus on the living? Hear from political correspondent and Save the Children trustee Cokie Roberts how newly-empowered African communities are caring for orphans and other children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Visit Save the Children's website and learn how you can help: http://bit.ly/idPOFa
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