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Be part of the biggest call for peace the world
has ever seen
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Maintenant je sais qu'on ne sait jamais...
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Si les anges chantaient, voici ce qu'on pourrait entendre.
Tiré de Sospiri de Cécilia Bartoli : Lascia La Spina, Cogli La Rosa de Handel

If angels could sing, this is what we would hear.
From Cecilia Bartoli's Sospiri: Lascia La Spina, Cogli la Rosa from Handel
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An insightful video on the purpose and people behind Glory Reborn Organization as well as a look into the daily happenings at the clinic. 
+ info: http://gloryreborn.org
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America is one of the world’s wealthiest nations. And yet, we remain the only country in the developed world where some 49 million people go hungry despite sufficient resources, technology and farmable land to provide nutritious, affordable food for all. As the economy continues to weaken, millions more join the ranks every day.  Hunger is detrimental to health, productivity, and learning—especially for the 17 million hungry American children—posing serious economic, social and cultural implications for this country.

Hungry in America is a feature-length documentary that presents an unflinching look at the root causes behind this sobering reality and asks tough questions about why a nation that could feed all of its citizens has failed to do so. 
+ info: http://www.hungryinamerica.net/
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One of the most serious threats to our oceans is plastics pollution. Plastic constitutes approximately 90% of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. Why is there so much plastic in the ocean? Unlike other types of trash, plastic does not biodegrade; instead, it photo-degrades with sunlight, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces, but they never really disappear. These plastic pieces are eaten by marine life, wash up on beaches, or break down into microscopic plastic dust, attracting more debris. 
+ info: http://www.savemyoceans.com/
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Milka Marwa is one of Nuru International's members in Kuria, Kenya. Our newest video depicts her journey since becoming part of Nuru.

"Since Nuru has come, my life has really changed. My husband and I both work on our farm. We were getting three bags of maize per acre. When Nuru came, they gave us a loan of good seeds and fertilizer. We were able to get 18 bags of maize per acre. Now [that] we have enough maize [to eat], we can sell part of it."

Milka's story is just one of the thousands of stories of individuals who have been impacted by Nuru's work in Kuria, Kenya. To learn more, visit: nuruinternational.org 

Use of "The Dress Looks Nice on You" donated by Sufjan Stevens and New Jerusalem Music.

Photography donated by Troy Tertany.

Story, editing, compositing by Nuru International. 
+ info: www.nuruinternational.org
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Volunteers in Waterloo region talk about the importance of volunteering and how even one person can make a difference. Video includes interviews from youth, seniors, volunteer managers, businesses and elected officials.
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In September 2008, Vestergaard Frandsen launched a ground-breaking Integrated Demonstration Campaign called CarePack on Kenya offering HIV testing and counseling to thousands of families. In addition, each family received a insecticide-treated PermaNet, LifeStraw water filters, condoms, and educational materials.
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